The Pandora Box, is sort of a game twist in the game.

Pandora Box in greek meant "a box, with surprise".

The Pandora Box made it's first appearance in BBG1, It was appeared 3 times.

Kenzie, was the 1st person to open this box. Otherwise she was evicted for the Houseguests Safety.

Jonathan, was the 1st male to open the box, The twist was useful for him, The twist was that all of the houseguests were have-nots, but the hoh himself and one other person.

Chris, opened the final appearance of the box in BBG1, by that he was rewarded R$12.

The box returns to take some action in BBG2, whoever opens it, might have opened a bad or a good twist.

Super, was the 1st one to open the Pandora Box in BBG 2, Inside it was the Diamond Power Of Veto, which is later used on Week 3 where he saved himself and put up cj.

It is unknown for it to be returned in BBG3.

Pandora Box